Savin’ some money on save the dates

I love to hunt for the best and most affordable ways to do things. I spend hours searching for the right methods, and I enjoy it. Odd? Perhaps. Fortunate for you, I hope so!

I was trying to figure out an affordable way to do photo Christmas cards at home. I love the idea of Christmas cards with a family picture, but the price tag that typically accompanies these festive mailers can become hefty. I found a great blog post on Modern Parents Messy Kids and thought it would be great to try. Using apps on your phone it is possible to make a photo Christmas card and you can even pick them up same day.

The wheels were spinning and I started thinking about how remarkably similar to save the dates this concept was and I started playing around with my own engagement photos. What if someone used phone apps to make their save the dates? They could get 100 save the dates made in the same day for roughly $29.00. With the going rate often being 5 times that, why not save on price but not quality with save the dates. I’ll show ya how…

photo 3

Start by downloading both Red Stamp and Phonto from the iTunes store. photo

Once you have the photo in the background you want it’s time to delete the fonts that Red Stamp has made. This will allow us to add the pretty fonts from Phonto. It should now look like this…

photo 4

It’s now time to save that beaut. Red Stamp will save this right to your phones photos, which is super handy.

photo 2

Now it’s time to play in Phonto. There are so many fonts to choose from, and I love that it saves your most recently used ones. Here’s what I created with some of their pretty options…

photo 5 (1)

 Once I made sure the card was just what I wanted I saved it and uploaded it to my trusty Walgreen’s app. I chose the Walgreen’s location closest to my house and had them set to be ready for pick up by the time I was home from work. I also made a couple other lay outs using other images to give you a few other ideas.

photo (8)


I then decided to customize these more by trimming the  edges using both my flat scissors and my scrap booking scissors. I also wanted to turn one into an ornament, a unique spin on save the dates that are holiday ready.

photo (14)

photo (13)

photo (10)

Oh, and to go full circle. I did make a Christmas card too, for .29 cents.

photo (11)

Hope this made you a bit happier and merrier on this cold November day. And if I saved you a bit of dough, then I’m extra happy to have helped.

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